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The campus of Denham Springs Elementary was destroyed in flooding that ravaged our area in August of 2016.  All the buildings that housed our classrooms were deemed substantially damaged and had to eventually be torn down.  The students and staff from D.S.E. were housed in three different schools for six months while a temporary campus was prepared for us on the grounds of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.  While we were fortunate to have places for us to hold classrooms, we were unable to construct a playground area on this temporary location.  Our students have played in a grass field since February 2017.  If you ask our students what they miss about our former campus, the majority will tell you they miss having a playground.  The students in our Pre-K through fourth grade classes have never experienced having a school with playground equipment to use during recess.

We have finally reached the completion of our new building project and are home in our new campus!  FEMA and our district funded a wonderful structure where we have 21st century classrooms.  However, playground areas for our Pre-K and K students as well as our 1st - 5th graders were not funded by these sources.  That is what led to this fundraising campaign.  Our students have sold cookie dough and chocolates, but our efforts are miniscule compared to the cost of adequate playground equipment and surfacing.  This is why we are asking for your tax-deductible gift today.  Your gift will help us provide a high-quality, innovative play space for our students.  Every dollar raised through this fundraising drive contributes to our $125,000 fundraising goal, the dollar amount needed to build both playgrounds from the ground up.  Currently, we have purchased equipment for these two playgrounds.  The community has been wonderful in helping us with these efforts.  At this time, we do not have donations for the entire amount that is needed and are pulling from other school funds to cover the cost.  Any donations received will eliminate those funds being taken from other educational needs.  

Please join us in supporting a new, innovative world of play for the students at Denham Springs Elementary.  If you are making a contribution of $500 or more and would like to be recognized on our Wall of Donors, please complete the sponsorship questionnaire.

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